UDK视觉特效与过程动画制作教程 Visual FX and Cinematics in UDK Vo2

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UDK形成史诗般的地形(Digital Tutors出品)

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译文: 在这一系列的 UDK 教程我们将要学习的工作与天命在 UDK 给你较强的理解这个功能强大的系统的工作原理的基本核心。若要开始,我们 ' ll 了解界面以及如何导航天命编辑器。在那之后我们 ' 将学到如何使用序列和创建简单的触发光。然后我们 ' ll 爬坡通过完成在大多数的单人游戏,像门、 电梯、 敌对行为、 拼图、 过场动画和老板的战斗很常见的几个小型项目课程。每个微型项目将有它 ' s 自己的挑战,将使我们能够探索出许多共同的序列对象,发现在天命。所以这次 UDK 培训,年底你 ' ll 有很强的核心理解如何创建游戏使用中 UDK 的天命。 原文: In this series of UDK tutorials we are going to learn the core fundamentals of working with Kismet in UDK to give you a strong understanding of how this powerful system works. To start, we'll learn about the interface and how to navigate the Kismet editor. After that we'll learn how to work with sequences and create a simple toggleable light. Then we'll ramp up the course by completing several mini projects that are common in most single player games, like doors, elevators, enemy behaviors, puzzles, cinematics and boss battles. Each mini project will have it's own set of challenges and will allow us to explore many of the common sequence objects found in Kismet. So by the end of this UDK training, you'll have a very strong core understanding of how to create gameplay using Kismet in UDK.

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UDK使用Kismet创建AI算法(Digital Tutors出品)

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